Ten best excerises for men over 40

Ten best excerises for men over 40

Ten best excerises for men over 40
by Frank Liso

Whether your 40 now or approaching 50 or even 60 there are still plenty of ways to stay in shape. As many of you that may read this blog, I’m 56 and will be 57 in late spring. But that hasn’t stopped by passion for working out and training to be as fit as can be for as long as I can. About 10 months ago, I finally had had enough of my own bull shit excuses. The excuses I used to tell myself. Finally, at 270lbs I couldn’t stand to look at myself naked, I hated the way I felt, and couldn’t see myself living another thirty years feeling like shit. So I decided to do something about it for myself and for my wife and grandkids.

So I’ve put together a list of the 10 best excercises for men over 40, believe me they work.

Chin up’s – The chin up is an old standard. it was a good movement back in the day, and as old school as it may be, it’s just as good today. The reason i It involves your upper back, arms, forearms, and core. Even if you can’t do chin-ups on your own, you have options. Some gyms, have a pull up machine that is weighted so that you can adjust the amount of strenght it takes to actually do the chin up or pullup. If your gym doesn’t have one of these then, try standing on a bench and focus on lowering yourself down slowly. Over time you’ll build the strength to get up with less support from using the bench, and then eventually just be pulling yourself. If, you have a training partner help “unload some weight” by spotting your lower back while you go up and down. Another option, is to use a thick band around the bar and stick your knees in it. The band will stretch as you go down, providing some help at the bottom, which is where most people struggle the most.

One-leg dumbbell deadlift

The one-leg dumbbell deadlift shares a lot of the benefits of a traditional deadlift without the heavy weight by using dumbells. But the best part of the one-leg deadlift is that trains you to balance yourself and it works the muscles on the outside of your hips more than the standard version. It’s a good exercise for men over 40 any time but, especially when beginning a new training routine. The reason for this is because, the bar isn’t loaded as it would be in a traditional deadlift, it also lets you slowly build core strength.

Rear Tricep Bench pushes

This one would be good to superset with your pushups, Put the weight bench behind you cross way so it is lenght wise across your back, sit on the bench palms down about thigh width apart. Lower yourself down off the bench and extent and lower yourself to the floor, you may feel your back scraping against the bench it okay, using your triceps raise yourself up as high as your triceps can lift you and repeat. When this becomes easy try putting a dumbell in your lap or do as I do and place your heels on a bench facing you. Man I can feel the burn just thinking about them.

Pushups are under-rated and under-respected, they are one of the best ways to gain muscle in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Like the low pulley rows, push-ups allow the range of full movement involving the shoulder blades, same as dumb bell flye do. Training with coordinated movements of the upper arm and shoulder blade is essential to keeping the shoulders strong and pain-free.

Seated cable rows

One of my favorite back exercises, is the low pulley row, because it helps build a strong upper back and thickness while also teaching proper movement of the shoulder joint and shoulder blades. Proper technique can help cut back on shoulder pain, prevalent among older guys, especially roofer, masons, and those who spend a lot of time in the gym.

Forward Lunges

Use a squat rack a barbell and very light weight in fact, try it with just the bar only until, you get your balance and strenght built up. Get under the bar as you would a squat take a few steps back and with your feet shoulder width apart take a step forward with your right or left leg bending to the knee. Pust back with the forward leg and spring back into place, standing with both feet shoulder width apart. Then repeat with the opposite leg. That’s one rep it sounds a lot easier than it is.


See my post on how to dead lift and watch the video here: http://frankshealthandwellness.com/how-to-deadlift/
The deadlift’s are probably the best full-body exercise you can do besides squats. It takes a lot of leg strength and power to do the movement, it takes core and upper back strength to transfer the power to the bar. Start out with low weight or just the bar for a warmup, then start your sets with 40% of your max weight for 1 rep. do 5×5 with and then work your way up to heavier weights as your strenght improves.


See my post on squats here in Stronglifts workout A:http://frankshealthandwellness.com/stronglifts-workout-a/
Please use common sense and caution along with the proper gear and a spotter when possible! Using a squat rack, leg wraps and a weight lifting belt get uder the bar placing the bar behind your neck across your traps. Watch the video! kness slightly bent, chest up, head up (focus on something about 20 degrees up – taller than you are while standing up) slowly lower yourself while maintaining form! chest up head straight eyes up focus on that spot you picked. As you lower your self your rear is going to move back as though your going to sit, at thje bottopm of the movement you want your hips lower than your kness. On the upward movement you thrust your hips undern t6he weight as you stand in a fluid motion. Don’t forget tho breathe in on the way down out on the way up.

Overhead Press

Overhead Presses you hardly ever see a strongmen competition without this excercise because it separates real strongmen from the wanna bees. Thsi is going to get your upper chest, shoulders, traps lats and tricpes in on the action. One of nthe most important things in this movement is proper alinement of the shoulder and elbows. This will reduce any shoulder pain because the shoulder will have room to move freeely in the socket. All with the pervious movements useing the squat rack start with the bar a little lower than shoulder height start with just the bar weight and warm up. Lift the bar off the rack be sure to feeling the weight, lift your chest up, elblows back squeezing your scapulas together, and press the weight up and lower it to the top of your chest and repeat.

Standing Cable Pull / Push

This exercise can be performed with a long bar (as in the video) or with a rope. You turn your hips all the way in at the beginning, then rotate powerfully all the way around, transferring the force through your core and following through with your upper body. It’s a great rotational core exercise, teaching power transfer from the hips to the shoulders. If you’re a golfer, this is a must-include in your program.

The standing cable pull/push is the poster child of functional movement. Whether you’re walking or swinging a golf club, one arm typically moves in the opposite direction of the other. This exercise strengthens the upper back, biceps and posterior shoulder on one side, and the chest, triceps and anterior shoulder on the other, while teaching core stability and proper rotation through the upper spine. If you only picked one or two exercises to help you build muscle and lose fat, you’d get the most bang for your buck with full-body exercises like the squat-to-press and deadlift, not upper-body exercises.

So that it my 10 best excircises for men over 40.