Diet Food Intolerance

Diet Food Intolerance

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It’s not a diet. But who has undergone a test for food hypersensitivity, once removed the food with ‘no’ or has lost weight. The reason is simple: What does the metabolism slow?

Not only is the food that is responsible for this “aversion” could cause various problems, including fluid retention and hormonal disorders. While official science is skeptical about alternative medicine has a number of tests – are the most common Dria, a test of endurance is developed completely non-invasive – and based on the results of these tests achieved remarkable results.

Among the foods that cause the most problems, including dairy products (read as industrial milk derivative), wheat flour and pasta production, the ‘leaven’, such as cakes and industrial fats. Eliminating it is not necessary: you can reaccustom their introduction into the body to feed more than twice a week to accept. Intolerance, short, not a life sentence.

In the bookstore: the texts are subject are many. The last (dated October 2007), “food intolerance” by Alessandro’s plate editions Meeting Point.

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