Work With Lynda

Work With Lynda

First I am a woman of dreams

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I believe in things the ordinary person might not. I believe in people. I am a mother of 3 grown children, and grandmother of 7 wonderful children.

As I am sure you can tell by the pictures I am not 20 years old! Whether you are a “Baby Boomer like me or one of the “Gen Y” or somewhere in between it doesn’t matter!

My husband Ken and I raised 3 children together and saw them go on to be productive adults. They all live in Colorado as I do and they come to see “Grandma” often!

I love to travel, and hang out with my family. I have been a resident of Colorado all of my life, primarily Denver area. I love the mountains! I love the seasons, the fresh air, and the strong will and spirit of the people of my country!

I have been around network marketing for several years because I know it has the only answer to the financial disaster you and I find ourselves in! I have a passion to help people realize their dreams.

I have found the true way to make a real income from home. And now I can now share with the world what I have learned. I have learned that success is a “learned skill.” Its not about getting lucky. Its not just for a few that get the right break.

If you are looking for a primary Network Marketing business to start and succeed with, and you want a sponsor you can count on, and a company that consistently increases the money we can earn, is really built with the distributor in mind, then let me know going to my contact page.

So what are your thoughts on this?

I really appreciate real comments....

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Lynda Cromar

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